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How do I join the Jesus banner project?







The first beginnings of the Jesus banner project started in 2007 when I began raised praise bannerflags for worship.  My very first ministry tool was the JESUS BANNER. Through the years as Holy Spirit cleansed me in his intimacy I began to move into a deeper reality of the reason I began RP Banners.  In 2018 I was given the mandate to pray for Hollywood, California. God began to speak to me about how he was going to use the movie industry for JESUS bringing lost souls into the KINGDOM . 

I knew the JESUS banner had a greater meaning than just being used in worship dance ministry and proclamation in church. I knew it had to get out of the four walls of the church to continue to thrive. The Holy Spirit began to take my broken pieces and make something beautiful from them.  It was in December of 2019 that I heard the Holy Spirit say, "You will have the biggest Jesus banner in the world." At the time I didn't understand what this was about or how to accomplish this. It wasn't until April of 2020 during covid19,  that I knew I had to make the Jesus banner available to more people.

I was given the instructions to create a very durable polyester banner that could get wet if rained on and durable so that it could be used hardily outdoors. I reduced my prices and began selling them. It took a few months but it caught on.


Join the JESUS banner project! Sign up today!
My projects for 2020 and beyond are taking colors and light, spreading it as I walk through my neighborhood, and pray for my neighbors, those on the streets, those in my city, state, and region, and nation, then to all the world.  As we move in our cities, I believe we can release life through light: Jesus is light! Join me as I walk through the streets of America releasing God's light!  You may be wondering why it's called: Happy Hollywood JESUS. The Lord gave me that phrase to declare JESUS shines-HE IS THE STAR we adore!!  Also, there will be many movies coming out of Hollywood that will make JESUS FAMOUS!!  
Make JESUS famous with me! 
Do you want to start a JESUS banner project?
Just buy a banner, and or a cup

and start walking!!

ONE JESUS banner


We had individuals from all over the U.S. join in our first annual - Strategic root initiative JESUS BANNER PROJECT-

Our first-ever group initiative stretched from Gulf Port, MS to Dauphine Island, Alabama. 

Along with the "Prayer on the Coast ministry"-we moved through each city waving banners and declaring our written declaration over the land and water. 



By the will of JESUS Christ, we as Strategic roots initiative-The JESUS banner project, therefore, declared on March 19, 2021, a proclamation given to us by Holy Spirit. We declare and proclaim HIS sharp, precise, unbreakable, arrows of light- His word going forth!

Isaiah 49:2

We confess to you our sins before your throne of grace with confidence, knowing you forgive us our sins and cleanse us all from unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

Hebrews 4:16


We declare Your kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Lead us in the good and ancient path and open the ancient wells of mercy and justice to flow in this land.

Matthew 6:10, Jeremiah 6:16

We open the gates of righteousness and say come in Lord Jesus! In the authority you have given us, we close every gate and pull down every stronghold of the enemy.


We declare as enforcers of GOD’s rule, and in the fear of the LORD, a move upon the land with His multi-faceted grace and LOVE, with his Sovereignty and His Unity/ Solidarity by the Faith of GOD and Fruit of Holy Spirit..

Isaiah 46:10

We declare as branches connected to the vine, come forth plump, ripe fruit-bearing trees. We declare JESUS Christ is Lord over all the waters of the gulf and its ports and islands.

Jeremiah 17:7,8

We stand in the gap as intercessors, points of light targeting, finding our mark, and with intent, flow by faith

with virtue, knowledge, godliness, perseverance, brotherly kindness, self-control, and love.

2 Peter 1


We declare as your network of light: spread and stretch us like a majestic army with banners. With this rod, we strike the ground of injustice. We say spring up O wells! Dry hearts burst forth with living streams, inscribing on the land HOLY to the LORD. Yes! We will say: The Lord has done great things for us! We are GLAD!

Psalm 126:3, Zechariah 14:20, Song of Solomon 6:10, Isaiah 9:2, Numbers 21:17


We ask for assistance from HOLY SPIRIT that HE release the angelic armies of heaven that are assigned to this battle with us.

We declare Go forth in the storm and invade the darkness that surrounds God’s people.

Psalm 34:7, Hebrews 1:14

Where the enemy has broken through, we declare, as Arrows of the Lord (His lighting) a going forth- redeeming the land wherever we go, the routing of the enemy and enforce him to be captured and contained.

Zechariah 9:14


We stand in the gap as intercessors and repent of injustices, broken covenant treaties, and the shedding of innocent blood, and we apply the blood of Jesus over this land and all its people. In the name of Jesus, we declare: He has become a curse for us, disarming principalities and powers, making a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them!

Isaiah 53:5, 1 John 1:7, Colossians 2:15, Galatians 3:13

. As you shake everything that can be shaken, shake us as you bring forth your hand clap, your shout, your dance, your finger snap and whistle, and your banner, as we proclaim your light in the streets of America.


We declare the multi-faceted grace of God - His arrows of light, flow ( with Jesus- banners) on the beaches and through these cities and on the islands declaring you're – (network- points of light) as a protection, and breakthrough.

1 Peter 4:10, Job 37

( use us as a hammer and as a fire)

We serve an indictment upon the enemy and his darkness, injustice, human trafficking, and illegal assaults on humanity. Where the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy, we declare your word comes to give life and life abundantly. We declare your word in us burning like fire, and your light in us as a hammer that destroys the rock (high places.)

Jeremiah 23:29, John 10:10


We tear down ungodly authority structures, and faulty foundations, releasing the people from bondage and evicting the enemy, that the planting of the Lord can be done, and the laying of correct foundations can begin.

Matthew 7: 24-27

Where there have been destructive hurricanes on the waters, where there have been broken agreements of contracts at the levees that have destroyed homes, lives, land, and business we declare and proclaim the establishing, and building, restoration and rebuilding, and the planting of God's justice, and mercy in this land.

Micah 6:8.

Let the FOGHORN and LENSE of our lighthouse reveal your truth at the TABLE OF THE LORD.

. We declare we are New Wine friends of God.

We declare we are stretchable, fragrant, bendable, joyful, airy, flexible, translucent, with sweet hydrated hearts!

John 4:1-26

We declare an abundance of righteousness, faith, kindness and perseverance, brotherly kindness, self-control, and love.

2 Peter 1

We declare this fruit to all 50 states.

We declare a divine shift throughout the nations! ESTHER 9:1

We declare as simple people of the "mud", we are anchored in faithfulness, perseverance and steadfastness, faith, hope, and love.

( MUD-willing to work getting muddy)

Hosea 2:14-16

We declare: Let it start here Lord and flood out like a river to the nations. As we are in your hand Let your RIVERS bend and turn at your will. Let it overflow up and out from this place and across this nation and nations.

Psalm 46:4


We declare, as your ground troops, a revival, and restoration with our JESUS banners.


We decree this initiative The JESUS BANNER PROJECT ON March 19TH, AND 20TH, 2021



Isaiah 5:26


He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar,


And will whistle to them from the end of the earth;


Surely they shall come with speed, swiftly.


Ezekiel 22:13-15


3 “But now I snap my fingers and call a halt to your dishonest gain and bloodshed. 14 How strong and courageous will you be then, in my day of reckoning? For I, the Lord, have spoken, and I will do all that I have said. 15 I will scatter you throughout the world and burn out the wickedness within you.



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